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Our Supporters

We would especially like to thank those who have contributed in some way to supporting Carrie’s Fund For Teachers Fellowship to Yellowstone. It has been a dream of Carrie’s to visit Yellowstone and to be able to do so in a manner that allows her to be a “scientist-as-teacher/teacher-as-scientist.”

You Have Our Deepest Thanks

Richard & Celia Armstrong

Richard is the Safety Director for TCI Services, Inc.. in Tulsa. He’s worked as a Safety Manager for Dal Tile and a is 14 year veteran of the US Navy where he served as a missile tech on “Boomer” class submarines. Celia is his beautiful wife of 9 years–she’s a Human Resources guru. She also makes Martha Stewart seem like a poor excuse for a hostess and knows how to handle a gun. They’re logging miles on a Harley and chronicling it with photos over on TripTracker.net, so stop by and check out their adventures.

Kelly Mortimer-McEnteggert

John & Sharon Clark

Carrie’s parents have helped in many way, providing all kinds of support. We can’t thank them enough for everything. They opened the Coffee Classics store in Penn Square Mall and have been a long-time family owned and operated business. Today, Coffee Classics still operates as an online merchant, and recently celebrated their 20th year anniversary.