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Lest I ramble (…or perhaps so I can ramble), I’ll do my profile in a list format.

  • I majored in eBusiness (marketing degree with CIS/CSC concentration) and still freelance as an eBusiness/Systems Support Consultant–which means I do everything from eMarketing to networking to PC repair/Tech work, building and designing systems. I also occasionally tweak or write some code and invest in domain names.
  • I served in Iraq with the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division during the Gulf War as an infantryman. I was in both the US Army Reserves and US Army and held duty positions as an Instructor and Team Leader, among others, during almost 8 years of service. Some areas I have been trained in include communications, technical intelligence and jungle warfare. I was trained and assigned as a tracker for my unit during jungle operations in Panama, was assigned to military police duties on Freedom Bridge, Republic of South Korea, while stationed at Camp Greaves along the DMZ.
  • I love to write. I broke into print in 2000 with an IT related newspaper column, “Technically Speaking,” and am into my fifth year of blogging. I’ve had a website (or several) of some sort in operation since 1998. Served as Public Relations Chair for a collegiate SGO-sponsored writer’s group and have been a member of various writer’s groups over the years. I participate in the NANOWRIMO competition each November.
  • I believe there are two sets of two things a business needs to be successful, and if it has them, the rest falls into place. Firstly, two types of people you need: (1) True Believers, (2) Evangelists. You need them in your organization. Cultivate a company culture they can find a home in–the strongest businesses are full of passionate people who truly care. Secondly, two simple beliefs you should embrace: (1) the least little thing you do matters, (2) treat with everyone the way you would want them to treat with your grandmother. Now, go call your grandmother…
  • I have a wide variety of interests, including: economic development (especially rural and island communities), woodworking, music, scuba diving, camping, backpacking, kayaking, hiking, fishing, hunting and just about anything else outdoorsy.
  • Speaking of scuba diving, I have worked as a golf ball recovery diver. Many divers can’t work in brownwater/blackwater conditions (unsettling and a bit claustrophobic feeling for them) whereas I find it’s a fun challenge–not to mention it’s nice to have a hobby that pays for others.
  • I have played guitar in rock, punk and metal bands. I enjoy composing on a computer and as with many PC recording folks, I enjoy discovering new VST plugins online. Total guitarist geekage, I know…
  • I enjoy a good cup of coffee. Several of them.
  • I was born in Southeast Oklahoma, a region which surprises non-Oklahomans–many whom seem to think Oklahoma is all flat prairie. It has mountains, folks. And unicorns. At least, at one time it did, according to French explorer Jean-Baptiste Bernard de la Harpe. In any case, I enjoyed exploring, hunting, fishing, and camping across the region…and still do.

Here are some websites I enjoy: