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Carrie Clark

An Interesting Story

Carrie ClarkI think I was a little bit young and inexperienced when I graduated from high school, as I didn’t really have a clear idea of what career I really wanted. It wasn’t until 1992 when I was working for my folks at Coffee Classics at Penn Square Mall that it truly sank in how much I wanted to be a teacher. I was flipping through the Parade magazine in the Sunday Oklahoman and I came across an abbreviated variation of Chicken Little.

In this variation, Chicken Little is running around squawking about the sky falling when she sees a sparrow lying on its back with its legs pointing straight to the sky, its face a study of concentration. Chicken Little scurries over and squawks, “What are you doing? Don’t you know the sky is falling?” And without moving a muscle, the sparrow opens one eye a bit, looks at Chicken Little and says, “One must do what one can.”

At that time, Oklahoma was debating House Bill 1017, and debate was hot on the issue. Everyone everywhere was questioning whether education and teachers were worth the reform and taxes. When I read that little story, something inside me just quit arguing. I wanted to get in there, into education, and do what I could.

Career & Education


  • Coffee Classics, 1991-1998, Manager
  • Central Middle School, 1998-present, Teacher
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards – Assessor

  • BA in Journalism, minor in History – University of Oklahoma, 1991. Gamma Phi Beta
  • K-12 Certification, with Middle School endorsements in Science, History and English – University of Central Oklahoma, 1997. Kappa Delta Pi
  • National Board Certified Teacher, Early Adolescent (ages 11-14) Science, 2002-2012


  • Birthplace: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to John & Sharon Clark, 1969.
  • First Jobs: Washing tables at Peter Piper Pizza, MacArthur Park Theater, White Water
  • First Car: 1976 Chevy Nova
  • Favorite Outdoor Activity: Gardening
  • Outdoor Activity Most Wanting To Try: Snowshoeing
  • Favorite Animal: Elephant
  • Favorite Food: Spaghetti
  • Fascinated By: Science behind Conservation of Energy

Sean Wilson

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