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Carrie Has A Birthday

Just a short post to let you know that Carrie celebrated her birthday last week, turning 41 on June 9th. We thought we would share a photo and a brief update. Things are moving right along, we’re now at the 30 days out mark. We had hoped to have videos posted already, but ran into some issues with video editing software, so they will be up soon. Also, we were slowed down a couple days thanks to squirrels chewing through the Internet cable outside. A tech came out and replaced it yesterday, so we’re back in business. Oh, and Carrie was happy with her birthday presents: Gerber lock-back knife (AR 3.0), a rod & 2 reels, fishing lures, cordless Ryobi hedge trimmer, interchangeable ball hitch for towing and a Chilton’s manual for her Blazer.

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“Travelling to Yellowstone”, Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On July 13, I headed out on my grand Fund For Teachers Fellowship to Yellowstone National Park to collect data on water, soil, temperature, flora and fauna, to become more infused with what I teach my students each year and to become the teacher/scientist I’ve always wanted to be. With me is Sean, who is helping to make sure I negotiate my way safe around the wilds of Yellowstone in a kayak, in a campground and on back country trails.

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Paper or electronic maps? My preference is paper, but the electronic maps show me details I never thought existed.

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What do Bear Grylls and Patrick McManus have in common and where would you find them together? That’s what I was wondering after having asked for some reading recommendations. You see, I was looking for outdoors authors–and was unfamiliar with the suggested Patrick McManus. That’s when I decided to plug his name into one of the most useful tools for literature lovers that I have discovered online…

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Just happened across news that Oklahoma City University is getting a new Canoe/Kayak program up and running over at the Canoe & Kayak Magazine blog. This is great news both for local paddling and paddlers as well as the community…

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DIY Camera Mount For An Ultimate 16

Wanting to create a camera mount to use while kayaking in our Native Watercraft Ultimate 16, I decided to tackle the issue in my preferred Do-it–yourself (DIY) style. We were, after all, preparing for our first river paddling outing and wanted to record it. The basic requirements for a camera mount are pretty simple: (a) 1/4″ bolt with 20 threads per inch, (b) something to hold the bolt in a particular place or position, (c) some method for retaining the camera in its position on the bolt. Really, that’s all there is to it. From there on, it’s merely an issue of design…